20 Must-Have Tools For Easy Fall Cooking

A curated list of essential tools to elevate your autumn culinary adventures. These kitchen gadgets are designed to make fall cooking a breeze, turning meal prep into a delightful experience.

A truly nonstick baking mat that you can use over and over to make as many candied apples as your heart desires. These mats do not require any greasing — perfect for pumpkin spice macarons or apple turnovers and it’s easy to clean. You can ditch the parchment paper and aluminum foil and your wallet will thank you.

An 8-quart programmable slow-cooker that’s like a personal chef doing all the work while you watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. This multipurpose gadget can cook a juicy pot roast, warm some comforting apple cider, or bake your famous one-pot casserole.

A set of three Pyrex glass mixing bowls for mixing up some slime green frosting for your cupcakes or creating a spooky punch with dry ice. Since these bowls are made of glass they’re durable and easy to clean. No need to worry about staining or scratching.

ceramic pumpkin dish that is oven and stove top–safe up to 572 degrees, perfect for whipping up a single serving of chili or baking a mini apple pie. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also practical!

A pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet with an even heat distribution to ensure every dish you make is cooked to perfection, while the nonstick surface makes cleaning up a breeze. Plus, the rustic look of the skillet adds a touch of charm to your table setting.

A set of natural wood serving spoons  I’m sure will make you feel like you’re stirring up a magical brew in a bubbling cauldron. These spoons are a perfect addition to your spooky spread, from serving up salads and pastas to chili and soup.

A standing mixer, aka a new best friend for any seasonal baker. With its six speed settings, it can handle even the toughest of mixing jobs — from turning sweet potatoes into a silky smooth filling to getting the right texture for the many pound cakes soon to be produced.

A stainless steel Sink Shroom to place in your drain to catch the little pieces of food from your Thanksgiving dinner that could cause clogs and backups. That’s literally a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. 

An oil-less turkey fryer because you truly haven’t lived life until you’ve tried a fried turkey. And unlike the traditional frying method, you can easily prepare the main star of Thanksgiving dinner WITHOUT the *slight* possibility of hot grease accidents.

nonstick harvest bounty loaf pan that’ll have your apple-walnut spice cakes looking like they just came out of a Food Network cooking special.

A blade sharpener equipped with two grooves, one for coarse sharpening and one for quick touch-ups, so even your dullest knife can slice up the pumpkin pie, chop the veggies, and carve the turkey with ease.

A seven-in-one Instant Pot Duo that’ll effortlessly allow you to simmer up some creamy butternut squash soup or pressure cook your collards to tender perfection in no time.

A spooky skull-shaped ice mold to make creepy creations for Halloween parties or just add a little bit of edge to your everyday beverages. The mold itself is easy to use — simply fill it with water and pop it in the freezer. In no time, you’ll have a chilling addition to your drinks that will have your guests doing a double-take.

Or a brain-shaped mold to add an eerie touch to your food presentation such as a Jell-O topper for your cake or a cream cheese spread for your crackers.

A set of reusable liners for when your oven is working double time and your dish of mac ‘n’ cheese is ozooin’ and goozin’ and next thing you know you’re hit with a cloud of smoke and the smell of burnt-on food. These liners prevent major messes by protecting the bottom of your oven from spills.

An 11-piece cookware set with a detachable handle made with nonstick granite material to ensure that your gravy and stuffing won’t stick, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, when the handles are detached, you can easily stack the pots and pans on top of each other, saving valuable storage space in your kitchen.

A set of three dough pressers/molds so you can make pizza pockets shaped like pumpkins, acorns, and apples for the kid’s lunch, or heck, even for yourself.

A classic handheld OXO can opener with cushioned handles so your hands won’t get sore from all that cranking constantly opening cans of cranberry sauce, pumpkin puree, and green beans.

A cold brew coffee maker that can brew your favorite coffee blend at night to store in the fridge so you can have your cup of joe ready at the crack of dawn to start off your day of Thanksgiving cooking.

A bamboo charcuterie board capable of handling an elaborate spread so your guests can graze away at all the delicious snacks while they wait for the Friendsgiving dinner to finish up.

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