20+ People Share ‘Useless’ Advice That Turned Out To Be The Best

People are sharing the advice they thought was useless, but actually turned out to be some of the most helpful.

A stupid question is better than a stupid mistake.

If you have a clogged nose, doing 8-10 pushups will temporarily clear it up.

Spend an extra $5-$10 on wiper blades

As someone with a phobia of needles my entire life, I finally (30 years in) had a nurse tell me to ask for a spare alcohol pad and sniff it right as I’m about to get jabbed. She said the harsh smell is enough of a distraction to keep your mind off the needle.

Life is really much easier if you clean your workplace/room. I clean my room often and it makes me feel calm and clears my head.

There’s what you need, there’s what you want, and there’s what you can’t afford.

One day at a time. It’s been helping me stay focus in the NOW.

Once begun is half done.

I am a terrible procrastinator by nature. I have totally done the “well now it 5:02 so I have to wait until 6:00 to start cleaning” and I like making things seem like soo much work that I can’t possibly do them unless I take time off of work. In reality if you just start a project without thinking about it you can get everything done and it’s never really that bad.

Not taking your cellphone into bed with you. After awhile you will sleep much easier without the distraction and blue light shining straight into your eyes before bed.

Your gums bleed when you floss because you don’t floss enough.

Turns out if you floss enough, your gums won’t be inflamed so they don’t bleed when you floss.

You are not hungry, you are thirsty!

I would eat a big meal and wonder why I still felt hungry.. It is because I wasn’t drinking a glass of water with my meal. Now if I notice I am hungry after eating normal portions I have a glass of water and wait 5 minutes before I continue eating.

Cleaning your house before leaving for more than 5 days. Nothing is better than coming to a clean house.

Go to the bathroom first thing after having sex.

It’s better to lose a second of your life than to lose your life in a second.

People on the road need to just slow down a little. It’ll save your life.

This too shall pass. On those days when I just feel like I can’t take it I think of that, and I know tomorrow will be different. Someone once told me, “tomorrow may not be better, but at least it’ll be different.” In a strange way that too is comforting.

Keeping my shoulders back. It was a suggestion I saw for preventing panic/anxiety. Idk what it is, but when your shoulders are in that position it gives some strange feeling of control.

My dad always told me ‘Ask anyway, the worst they can say is no’ when buying something or when I needed something from another person. Seemed stupid to ask if I was sure they would say no but I was also a socially anxious kid.

Putting cold water on freshly shaved skin will make it so you don’t get ingrown hairs.

If you can tell that someone is going to hit you, tilt your head down. Teeth don’t grow back. Your jaw is lights out. If they punch the top of your skull, they will probably break their hand. Always be drunk.

Directly expressing my needs instead of hinting.

Don’t suffer future pain. In other words, worrying about all the stuff that could happen stops you from doing things and worse, turns potential pain into actual worry and mental pain.

Compliment people behind their backs. Sounds stupid but works wonders.


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