20 People That Just Try To Fit In Japan

“My shower during my visit in Tokyo. I was almost hitting my head on the ceiling while standing in the tub.”

“You have to be a maximum of 6 feet to ride the train.”

“All the doors are small.”

“Try washing your face upside down!”

“Danger is lurking everywhere.”

“Tall friends duck together.”

“He’d never need a ladder again!”

“Don’t mind me, just getting a closer look.”

“Japan wasn’t made for us.”

“Thanks for the heads up!”

“Constantly ducking gets old fast.”

“I had a tricky time in Tokyo.”

“Japan is ruining my posture.”

“My stepfather is visiting Asia this week.”

“Everything about Japan was great, with the exception of rush hour.”

“Forget about taking a good photo.”

“Having a lovely time.”

“Loved my first trip.”

“Hotels sucked for me.”

“Anyone who’s been to Japan knows you’re going to need to duck sooner or later.”

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