20 People Who Didn’t Let Fear Get In The Way of Their Goals

“15 years ago, cancer took my leg. That hasn’t stopped me.”

“Found this old pair of pants in the closet and felt like sharing.”

“The first picture was at the peak of my depression. The second is a recent one after almost a year of medication and self-care.”

“After a year of cancer, we’re in remission!”

“My wife started exercising exactly 1 year ago today.”

“3 years ago, I survived cardiac arrest caused by anaphylactic shock. Today, I can smile again!”

“I gave my ill mom a makeover and I saw her smile after a long time. She couldn’t believe that she still could look this beautiful.”

“I was encouraged to stop worrying and to start living!”

“A few years ago, I had my prosthesis converted into a pegleg and sailed across the ocean.”

“Made it to Everest base camp!”

“Months after having a massive stroke and recovering, my father was finally able to dance with my mother again.”

“I’ve gone from wearing an 8XL T-shirt to wearing a medium.”

“I jumped out of a helicopter and you can see the reflection in my goggles.”

“Now a tetraplegic, this former artistic gymnast found new ways to achieve happiness.”

“After 8 years of failed attempts and one miscarriage, he is absolutely perfect.”

“Our daughter wasn’t eating for weeks due to effects from chemo and being very sick, finally home from the hospital, I made spaghetti and she finally would eat! Celebrating small victories here!”

“Today I have 2 years sober from fentanyl, meth, crack and alcohol! This is a day I felt like I would never see, definitely smiling today.”

“Overcame my eating disorder and got “down with the thickness”.”

“[110 > 130 = 20 lbs] 3 months clean from crystal meth.”

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