20+ People Who Illustrate A Clear Understanding Of The Task

“Bear bar code on Kodiak cakes.”

“I refinished some Adirondack chairs.”

“This book on money is designed like a credit/debit card.”

“My new bra has hands built inside the cups.”

“Dentist sign near a ranching country club.”

“This package of onion rings incorporated the bar code into the design.”

“This chocolate bar is divided into unequal pieces.”

“Made a cake of my dad.”

“Some weekend fun.”

“This fountain in Azerbaijan is designed to look like dandelions.”

“Nora, the Salmon is made from beach garbage.”

“This holder for my Oreos.”

“Delft, Netherlands has tiles shaped like trash bags on the street for trash drop off.”

“This hospital public bathroom door can be unlocked from the outside, and modified to open outwards in case someone collapses against it on the inside.”

“My tea box came with paper and instructions to do origami.

“I fixed the Mario van.”

“Homemade cartoon cake slice.”

“New bottle cap design on my Coke so you don’t lose it when recycling.”

“This playground swing is designed for wheelchairs.”

“My dogs tore apart a cactus toy to reveal another sad cactus toy.”

“Ceramic cups designed to look like dented plastic cups.”

“Wifi sign is steam from a coffee.”

“Here’s a watermelon carving I did for work.”

Source: brightside.me

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