20 People Who Shared Their Photos From The Past

“I watched Joe Dirt as a child and got the wrong takeaway from it. circa 2006”

“Best friend found our senior yearbook yesterday. Can’t imagine why I couldn’t get a date in high school…”

“The year was 1997. My fashion crimes include not only spray coloring my hair silver, but using silver mascara on my eyelashes and eyebrows. I called myself Silver Grrl. “

“20 years later and I still can’t believe my Mom let me bring my cat to the mall for Glamour Shots.”

“The prince(ess) of darkness! 14 and 16 year old me. i went to a party and to school like this. it was not halloween either time”

“Peak 1992- M.C Hammer cassette and a stack of cash.”

“Me in 1999. My mom took the picture. I’m sure she was cracking up inside.”

“This was before big headphones became a thing again, maybe 2005. I wore them as earmuffs and dragged the cord along with me.”

“Early 00s when I thought I was punk.”

“I did my own hair.”


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