20 People Who Went For The Gender Change

“This is 2 years after hormone replacement therapy, male to female (MTF). Freedom!”

“It gets better. This is 21 months of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).”

“25 months on estrogen :)”

“Never been this happy in my life or felt more true than I am feeling now! My name is Kris and I’m 30 years old.”

“I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy 11 months as of today!”

“Male-to-female after 8 months with HRT — it’s crazy how hard it was to find decent pre-transition pictures!”

“18 months on hormone replacement therapy (30 years old)”

“I’ve come a long way. Popping in to say hi after taking a break from here. 2014 vs 2018.”

“26 MTF, 2 months HRT”

“It will be 16 months HRT at the end of this month (31, MTF).”

“Pre-HRT (2014) and 5.5 months HRT (2018) — pretty happy with the glow up!”

“I can honestly say transitioning saved my life (age 18 to 21).”

“Age 19, MTF — I finally made it to my one year on hormones (I’m a week late but that’s okay)!”

“Coming up on 2 years of HRT — proud of my progress.”

“Getting dangerously close to ’stole my boyfriend’s hoodie’ territory…”

“2 years ago vs 17 months of HRT, MTF”

“Still a gamer, still wearing this dressing gown, but a little bit cuter

“2018 vs 2019 — before and after (FTM)”

“Taking selfies at the beach, 2018 vs 2020”

“My transition timeline, 2010 to 2015”

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