20 People With Strong Genes

“My grandfather around 1942 and me now.”

“I often hear how I look like my grandmother.”

“My dad and me wearing the same tie on our respective graduations, 30 years apart — this wasn’t planned.”

“My father’s genes run strong.”

“My great-grandpa in 1918 and me in 2020”

“My brother is 7 years older than me. I’ve never realized how much we look alike until now.”

“My Norwegian great-grandmother and I. My Scandinavian roots are only 26%, so her genes had to be super strong.”

“My grandma, Gigi, and me”

“My high school picture from freshman year in 2004 next to my dad’s senior picture in 1975.”

“My great-great uncle and I”

“My great-great-great-grandfather and I”

“Me and my paternal grandfather”

“Grandpa at East Base Antarctica in 1940 on the left. Me last week on the right.”

“Genes are funny. My maternal grandmother and me”

“My father and I at 29 years old”

“My whole life people have told me that I looked just like my mom. I never saw it until I found this old picture of hers.”

“My husband and daughter”

“My father and I, 29 years apart”

“I always thought I looked nothing like my dad until I saw his dad.”

“My direct paternal grandfather and I, born 506 years apart.”

Source: brightside.me

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