20 Photos Of People With No Common Sense

“This chair is made of wood.”

“This bird house is a miniature version of the human house.”

“Teddy bear with a cast and crutches found at antique store.”

“Make your own construction vehicles — with crochet.”

“My thick glasses lenses look like ice cubes.”

“These Parisian stools have uneven legs.”

“This Coke bottle I got in France about ten years ago…”

“Oversized band-aid on this dented car in the parking garage at work.”

“The most pathetic chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever seen”

“This is how my boyfriend cuts an avocado.”

“My 4-year-old wanted hot dog buns.”

“When you’re staying late at work and decide to eat:”

“An anti-theft fence”

“This guy is playing his music out loud on a full flight at max volume.”

Source:  brightside.me

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