20 Photos Prove That Modern Technology Is Not That Easy For Older People

“I found a copy of the original Doom on a floppy disc in my mom’s desk.”

“Mom asked why the computer was so slow. She has ELEVEN tool-bars.”

“My dad doesn’t know how to zoom in on his iPhone. This is how he reads his texts and emails.”

“My dad refuses to use a GPS and tapes over the car’s computer screen.”

“Mom charges her phone in a cake pan because she heard they “blow up.”

“I saw my mom’s phone and investigated. Informed her that she used the screen protector’s throwaway film instead of the actual screen protector. She literally used trash as a screen protector.”

“My dad and I (jokingly) told my mom we would leave the Apple store only after she had taken a ‘selfie’ on every single device.”

“How my mom sets reminders on her phone”

“Today my mom asked me to see if her 30-year-old Mac worked.”

“My mom found a blurb in the newspaper about an app she was interested in and wanted to remember. Instead of taking a picture of it, she cut it out and taped it to the back of her phone.”

“My mom did something with her text messages to make dots appear on them and could not figure out how to get rid of them. I guess I didn’t figure it out for her fast enough… she went all the way to Apple Support at the mall.”

“Please stop changing the Google logo so much.”

“My mom and technology”

“Only my mom…”

“My mom using a magnifying glass to see my phone better. Love her to death but she’s not the best with technology.”

“Just found out why my mom’s laptop wasn’t charging.”

“My dad called me last night saying that he thinks he has a virus on his laptop because some kind of flower showed up on his screen. Today he sent me this picture.”

“My dad used the sticker to cover up a notification on his phone he couldn’t get rid of.”

“This is how my Auntie blocks ads from her computer screen…”

“My mom accidentally printed her divorce papers on stickers.”

“That’s what cyber science is all about.”

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