20 Photos Prove That There Is Map For Everything

“The topography of the Roman Empire, AD 117”

“Olympus Mons volcano on Mars compared to the state of Arizona.”

“The United States — ALL of it.”

“Soft drinks from all over Europe.”

“What are your thoughts on this Breggsit?”

“How many U.S. counties have a population greater than the state of Wyoming?”

“No, The Other One by Randall Munroe”

“The most consumed type of alcoholic drink in Europe.”

“Map of the Ancient Roman World from their perspective, 43 AD”

“he Topography of Africa.”

“The average center of the U.S. population has been gradually moving westward since 1790 and south every year since the introduction of air conditioning in the 1920s.”

“These countries do not have an army.”

“Mexico is approximately 70% mountainous.”

“Egypt’s population concentrated around the Nile River.”

“Map of Germany’s watersheds.”

“Every state’s most and least populated counties.”

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