20 Photos Prove That Wives Can Fail Too

“When you forget you have leftovers in the oven and ruin your husband’s birthday dinner.”

“The first day of teacher summer vacation I did not set my alarm and put my phone on silent..so it figures I would wake up to 10 calls from my husband and a text that his car broke down.”

“Forgot the candles.”

“How do you tell your husband that you accidentally shrank his favorite wool sweater?”

“Oops. That white thing that’s in between the meat and the styrofoam in the package? Yeah…I don’t think I was supposed to cook that.”

“This is how my wife cut up this avocado for my daughter’s lunch.”

“Tumble dryer vs goggles. #wifefail”

“Green Thumb or Wife Fail?”

“I had *one* job…I literally had this in our wedding vows”

“When it’s your husband’s birthday in the middle of a house move and you’ve packed the cello-tape away.”

“When you drop your husband’s dinner on the floor (and your leg). I managed to salvage a few slices though.”

“My phone hates chick fil-a. #confusedhusband”

“I never said I was a great cook/baker….HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBS!!”

“Take a guess of which one was sprayed ALL over every counter. Hint: The counters are all silky smooth now!”

“My wife texted me this picture.”

“My focaccia. #wifeyfail”

“He knows this ‘holiday’ annoys me, so perhaps we forgot with purpose. His love language…gifts.”

“So I officially suck at life. I burned brownies. #wifeyskills”

“Drew asked for a leaf blower, I thought i did great. Yes, I thought the box was small but who really questions their gift sizes?”

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