20 Photos Proving That Self-Irony Should Be Considered A Superpower

The joys of being single

“My friend covered up the tattoo of his ex-wife.”

“I don’t know how much I lost because I broke my scale.”

Sometimes a good sense of self-irony is exactly what you need.

“My mom came into the front room and said, ’I peed on the floor.’ ”

“At least I had a happy childhood without the Internet.”

What dating after 30 is like:

“I’m tired of ordinary boots. Finally, I dared to get jackboots!”

“I’ve been watering this plant for 5 months and I’ve just discovered that it’s plastic.”

“My new T-shirt”

A perfect match

Where’s the place for sad people, by the way?

Really, who sees the difference?

“I should probably take a hint and wash my hair.”

“My dad ordered fake teeth online to improve his smile.”

“I’m the beast, of course.”

“This is how I usually spend my vacations.”

“My yearbook quote is the only thing I’m proud of.”

Those little hairs are working really hard.

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