20 Photos Show How People From The 1900s Imagined The 2000s

How people thought transportation would advance

How video calls in the ’30s were imagined

In the past, they called this flying vehicle “the flying carpet.”

They thought that mail would be delivered by a rocket mailman.

How people thought barbers would style hair and beards

How a long-distance video call was imagined, but we don’t think they thought about the camera part…

People thought we’d have gigantic veggies and fruits.

Patients would get automatic prescriptions while they waited.

How they thought schoolwork in the future would look

They thought that in the year 2000, we’d move houses with trains.

Also they imagined that we would take walks on water

It was believed that there would be roofs over cities to protect them from the weather.

They thought that we’d be able to change the weather with a “good weather machine.”

People in the past thought that we’d be receiving audio messages. Well, they were right, in a way.

They had an idea of electric scrubbing.

How they thought taking notes in the future would look

They thought that we’d have auto rollers.

Video calls were predicted in a magazine about electrical experiments.

It was probably believed that “air firefighters” would become real.

This audio journal seems to have predicted the radio and listening to the news.

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