20+ Photos Show That People Have Some Amazing Talents

What a difference a few years can make. The idea in 2017 vs the established garden in 2020.

Just finished making a chef knife set. Tall bunka an a petty with rosewood and buffalo horn handles and matching sheathes.

These shoes confuse my brain. 2D comic book style custom vans.

A year or so’s worth of embroidery

Wow! Took me a minute to realize this was a cake.

My end grain chessboard and table saw/miter saw pieces. Thanks for looking!

I make flowers from acrylic paint skins

My Mimi made this mushroom pottery in 1976.

Narwhal scrimshaw on bone I just did

I spent way too long on this The Addams Family ‘Polly Pocket’ style playset.

I made cellular biology stained glass to hang behind me for my work Zoom calls.

One earring I made uses precious metals, resin, and glow pigment, absorbing light to emit light.

I use beach pebbles to portray fond memories. Here’s me with my grandad.

My wife had a vision in our nursery, which deserves to be seen.

I stitched my great-grandparents.

I am awful at keeping houseplants, so I made a wire one that I can’t kill.

This tabby cat embroidery took 50+ hours and thousands of tiny stitches.

A DIY tree of a life suncatcher for a Mother’s Day gift

Custom Built-in nook/bench.

I made a mushroom sculpture out of resin and wood

Macrame chandeliers I made

Tried my hand at koi pond embroidery. I love how it turned out! It’s a gift for my sister who loves koi.

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