20 Photos Show That Time Has No Mercy

“The spot where everyone stands in this elevator in Belgium.”

“Regular use for 25 years vs. mostly in storage.”

“Headphones worn daily since 2016 —about time to replace ear cushions.”

“Jacket I dyed two years ago. I never noticed how much it faded until I unfolded my sleeves.”

“The only progress photo that matters. My nearly 10-year-old leather belt has seen many phases of my life and many more to come.”

“After 8 years of loyal service, he’s retiring.”

“My dad’s bibs from the early ’90s, next to my new pair.”

“We replaced my dad’s 16-year-old TV remote.”

“After four hard years, I finally got a new pair. Wore the leather out and wore the soles completely smooth.”

“Brand new Kenda wheelchair tires vs. 2-year-old tires replaced just in time for a blizzard.”

“My baking pans — 20-year-old, 3-year-old, and brand new.”

“Mighty Wallet 10 year, time to replace.”

“Left vs. right pedal on this piano from 1902”

“My baby blankie. I’m 22 and can’t sleep without it.”

“The wooden floor exposed vs. under a wardrobe.”

“What 14 years of use do to your Crocs.”

Source: brightside.me

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