20 Photos Show The Beauty In Abandoned Objects

“Abandoned 120-year-old church that was struck by an earthquake”

“Kailasa temple India, was carved out of a mountain 1300 years ago”

“Bus Stop no.37 in Tajikistan, built in the late 70’s.”

“The staircase in an abandoned mansion in Italy”

“Where public clocks go to die in Berlin, Germany”

“Old train track almost completely reclaimed by nature”

“Glinka Palace, Poland”

“This entire abandoned Spanish village is up for sale for €260,000”

“Just an Abandoned Movie Theater Sitting in Middle of the Sinai Desert in Egypt”

“This untouched abandoned manor in Austria is a true time-capsule”

“The Sadness We Face Here In The Balkans, Dying Villages”

“The 6th century Buddha of Bamiyan in Afghanistan Before the Taliban blasted it into rubble”

“Abandoned Diner left to decay since 2005 outside NYC. Coffee cups and newspapers remain on the counter. The specials are on the board but no one orders anymore.”

“Astonishingly beautiful vintage supercar abandoned in the deep forest”

Source: www.reddit.com

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