20 Photos That Will Make Your Day Better

“I’ve been talking to a tattoo artist about getting my self harm scars covered but as I was about to get it done, life f@#ked me financially(got sick, couldn’t work, car problems, etc) so I tried to reschedule, then I got this text from him. Made me smile and cry at the same time. Wow.”

My wife has given a note to our child everyday for lunch during his kindergarten year and today I found a note from our child for me since he starting to learn to write. It made me so happy.

This online review for a tank full of fake fish.

My mom started her weight loss journey this day, last year. 85 pounds less & a whole lotta happy!

While on vacation my 10-year-old daughter wanted me to walk on the beach with her right when I was in the middle of a good book. Reluctantly, I went because I knew it would make her happy. Took the best picture of my life on that walk. It makes me smile every time.

Students threw their teacher a surprise party with his favorite cheesecake for his 75th birthday and his smile makes my heart happy

This kitty loves sitting by the rice cooker to smell the fresh steam

Today I found a note to me from my grandfather 6 years after he passed away. He had built me a bookshelf but I had never seen the underside until moving it up the stairs the other day. It reads: ‘For Ellery – with more love than you can imagine – Grandpa’”

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