20 Pics Show That Roommates Who Make a Mess Are the Worst

“My roommate thinks these spatulas are clean and still uses them to cook”

“Saw this on FB and thought it might help some people here!”

“Update on my jobless roommate who won’t do his dishes. My latest invention: the bad roommate box :)”

“They’re not for a snake, they’re her dead pet rats that she kept in our fridge. pet semetary maybe??”

“A good gift for that roommate that doesn’t lock the door”

“Pulled the foil off of this to see what was in it and it’s empty!! And still in the fridge! What the f@#k!?”

“Apparently I have to be quiet while watching football in my own room…”

“He broke the plunger, clogged the toilet again, let it sit for 3 days and then left the state”

“My Housemate still hasn’t got rid of his pumpkin from Halloween…'”

Source: www.reddit.com

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