20+ Pictures That Will Get You Through Even The Toughest Day

1. “Our neighbor Betty just turned 100 years old. We got her balloons.”

2. “My grandma mailed me homemade cookies to college!”

3. “A kiddo with his giant sunflowers he grew”

4. “As it gets close to winter, the local grocery store put this out.”

5. “Turbo’s smile always makes me smile. This was his prosthetic fitting day!”

6. “My grandma has Alzheimer’s and this is the first time my grandpa has gotten to see her in a few weeks. They are my relationship goals.️”

7. “My wife said that our 2-year-old sprinted out the door when he heard me start up the lawnmower so he could help me now!”

8. “My husband never asks for anything, so when he requested an ’80s printed matching top and shorts, you best believe I delivered.”

9. “Whenever my daughter who has Down syndrome draws a person, she signs that it’s ’Dad.’ Even though she can’t speak the words, she’s still able to tell her dad how much she loves him.”

10. “This week, my class took an angel off the ’giving tree,’ a little girl. All she asked for was a bike and clothes. Then today, very quietly, one of them came to my room with this.”

11. “Someone in my neighborhood knitted up some hats and scarves and left them out for free. It’s getting cold in Minnesota!”

12. “My grandma (103) met my 9-day-old son today.”

13. “A very gentle wild owl flew into my car and lost his wing, he’s now safe at an animal ER.”

14. “My boyfriend lost his serving job. Bosses cleared out the kitchen to provide food for employees and intend on making them weekly care packages.”

15. “Can’t really say Kyta and South helped, but they gave a lot of moral support. A 1,000-piece puzzle!”

16. “Papa in his yellow submarine he made”

17. “My wife and I work very different schedules and it makes it hard to have family nights, but today she set up a movie night before I left for work. I felt very fortunate for my family.”

18. “I painted all my babies on my new welcome mat. ❤”

19. “My doctor has kept all the pictures kids have drawn of him.”

20. “My son and me on Halloween — the banana gets revenge!”

21. “I just recently finished possibly my best painting yet that my sister commissioned of her cat.”

22. “This customer of mine who told me that ’birds are my friends’ and then she literally showed me!”

23. “What a difference one day can make. Meet Spokey!”

Credits: brightside.me

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