20 Stories That Prove Everyone Has Bad Days

Get ready to laugh, cringe, and nod in sympathy as we explore the many ways life can throw a wrench in our plans. Whether you need a good chuckle or just want to feel better about your own bad day, this compilation is sure to hit the mark.

“ATM Ate My Card and Rebooted Itself. This Happened Four Years Ago”

“Hail damage on a solar farm (TX)”

“It’s really starting to feel like summer”

“We have washers in our building that we have to pay per wash. Someone left a ball of hair in it beforehand I think, had to rewash everything, expensively.”

“Mom can we have Gerard Way tattoo? No, we have Gerard Way tattoo at home:”

“I can’t open my door without squishing this frog”

“Asked for no cheese, got no hamburger patty instead”

“The result of the kids brushing their teeth”

“My key broke off inside the ignition!”

“My 4Runner Got Hit last night :(“

“A recent graduate bought his first car. All the tires of the new car got stolen.”

“Went to stir my chicken parm and realized something was missing.”

“Supposed oven safe baking dish”

“Just got a vesa mount, and just ordered a new longer HDMI cable, all to find out the big reveal.”

“Bat sleeping in my room”

“BRAND NEW puzzle with a piece missing”

“Motor oil stain on wedding dress. 2 weeks pre wedding. Help?!”

“Went to weigh myself, think I know the answer”

“Thought my backpack was waterproof as it started pouring while I was walking outside. It was not. Finals are in 4 days”


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