20 ‘Street Smarts’ You Should Know

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Never talk money on public transportation, and never count money in a parking lot.

Trust your gut. You see people acting normally your whole life. You know what it looks like. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable, there’s a reason, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Act like you’re in a hurry and less people will want to bother you.

Look both ways crossing a one way street…. there may always be one idiot.

Always be aware of your surroundings what and who’s ahead and behind you.

You don’t owe anybody anything, including conversation. People who want to take advantage of you will usually start by initiating unsolicited conversation.

Look like you know where you are going even when you don’t.

If an area smells like piss no one gives a f**k what happens there.

Never fall for the I need 20 bucks for sick kid/locksmith/medicine/tow truck scam. Never pull out your money or wallet to check it. Even if you put it back they will know where it is. If you get bumped and feel for your wallet it’s also a cue for a pickpocket.

Never go to a secondary location.

Give people a nod. Like giving a friendly “what’s up” and keep minding your own business. I usually just say “what’s up” if I’m in a sketchy area (I grew up in one). The nod and tone of voice being friendly usually lets people know you aren’t a concern.

When visiting a new city, pick a landmark that you can see from anywhere. Maybe it’s a big tower in the downtown core. Maybe it’s a mountain in the distance, or the city is on the shore of a lake, or there’s a river or highway that cuts through in a clear and logical way. Great. That’s your orientation now. Wherever you go, you’re not lost. You have that landmark. Maybe it’s further away, maybe it’s closer, but if you know what direction the landmark is, you can’t really get turned around.

If you’re homeless, don’t let anyone know where you sleep or where you stash your stuff. It’s okay to meet up with a buddy and spend the day with them, and it’s okay to trust the staff at the shelter, but from the first day to the last day you’re homeless, don’t let anyone find your stash of stuff. Once your stash is found, other homeless folks will usually clean it out or homed people will usually throw your stuff away.

When you’re getting into your car, check the back seat carefully. Whoever you are, wherever you are.

Don’t be afraid of being impolite if you feel threatened. If someone isnt a pos they will realize that the situation was misinterpreted. If they’re a rapist murderer, they will most likely make a big deal about how they’re not going to hurt you. Don’t be afraid to make a scene if you’re afraid.

Make it a habit to lock your car as soon as you get in. It only takes a second for someone to yank open the door and grab a bag you might have sitting on the seat while you’re fiddling with the radio.

Don’t walk around with headphones on.

Sit back and listen. Pay attention to how everyone act and respond. Give out as little info as you can. Protect yourself.

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