20 Times When Airlines Ruined People’s Baggage

“Airline Ruined My Bag And Everything Inside It”

“I Had A Flight With RyanAir And My Checked-In Baggage And My Things Were Completely Destroyed”

“Flying And Lost Your Luggage? Maybe It’s In This Airport Dumpster”

“Heads Up Everyone, United Airlines Has Proven To Me Once Again Why They Are The Worst Airline”

“The Bag Handle Came Alone On The Luggage Belt”

“So Much For “Fragile.” I Filed A Claim For Damaged Baggage. Do You Know How Fast And Hard This Needs To Be Running Against A Surface To Get This Damaged?”

“Delta Rolled Over And Destroyed My Luggage And Now They Want Me To Provide Receipts”

“TAP Air Portugal Just Returned My Luggage They Lost Last Week. Not Only Did They Destroy The Brand-New Suitcase, Lots Of Stuff Is Missing”

“TSA Unpacked But Didn’t Repack My Favorite Haunted Mansion Mug But Left A Note”

“About £100 Of Damage, When Gatwick Burnt And Ruined My Suitcase And I Get £37.50 Back A Month Later. Just Gotta Laugh Really”

“To Everyone Awaiting BCC-Exclusive Covers Of Aberrant And Banjax. I Had My Entire Stock (Several Hundred Dollars) Ruined. Thanks To A Forced Gate Check By American Airlines”

“The Aftermath Of Your Routine Baggage Inspection At The San Diego Airport”

“Abysmal Service From Jet2, Before Boarding A Flight For My Holiday. Do Not Feel Pressured Into Accepting An Inferior Bag, After They Have Destroyed Your Suitcase”

“Airport Authorities Did This To My Favorite Backpack (Nike Air Max)”

“So I Just Picked My Bag Up At The Airport And It Looks Like This”

“What The TSA Do With Your Luggage When They Can’t Close It Back”

“If You Ever Wondered About The Results Of Airline Workers Throwing Bags, This Is The Surprise You Get At Luggage Claim. And Lots Of Dirty Clothes ”

“This Is How Spirit Airlines Treated My Brand New $4,000 PC On My Flight From LA To Florida. This PC Is My Job. It’s Destroyed”

“Thank You, Airport Staff, For Crushing My Luggage Enough To Ruin My Steelbook Case. At Least The Discs Were Not Harmed”

“Malindo Air I Have Been Struggling To Reach Someone Responsible At Your Organization For Damaged Baggage During My Travel From Perth To Cochin”

“American Airlines Leaving My Bags Out In The Rain”

“Came From An 8-Hour Flight Just To Find That The People Of The Airport Broke Into My Luggage”

“Wish I Hadn’t Paid To Check This Bag… Kinda Curious How They Managed To Break Both Zippers Though”

“Laptop Run Over By An Airport Baggage Cart”

“This Happened Last Year. They Told Us Our Suitcase Must Have Fallen Off The Transport Truck. Everything Inside Was Gone, Yet They Managed To Retrieve The Bag”

“PSA: Alaska Isn’t Responsible For Ski/Snowboard Equipment, Even When They Do This To Your Bag. Frustrating Thing Was The Flight Never Left The Airport”

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