20 Times When Happiness Comes With A Twist Of Sadness

This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright.

“My wife had breast cancer at 7 months pregnant, started chemo 7 weeks ago, and gave birth to a healthy boy this morning!”

This 6-year-old boy’s grave in Stockholm, Sweden

“My mom is fighting pancreatic cancer and this nurse wasn’t just comforting her, she was giving her hope.”

“My dying grandfather took this from his finger and placed it on mine and said, ’I always remembered that you wanted it.’”

A pack where everyone is welcome

This woman spent her final Mother’s Day with her mom.

“My dad enjoying his last trip to the place where his parents met”

“I was having lunch with my mom and this gentleman was having coffee with his late wife. Love can be this strong!”

“I will most likely lose my grandma tonight, but I’ll forever cherish this photo of my grandparents. Almost 53 years married.”

This dog was rescued and also got some new ears.

Even when you can’t walk yourself, you can still walk your dog.

This girl with down syndrome comforting her sick sister after not seeing her for a long time

“My boys were separated for 2 years due to a divorce. My ex agreed today that I can keep my 9-year-old boy!”

“4 months ago, we were staying at a shelter. It’s taken too long to give my girls a decent bedroom but I’m quite happy.”

“It’s not pretty, but since I spent my 33rd birthday alone, I decided to recreate my favorite cake from scratch!”

“My 15-year-old girl wanted to go to the park today, so I carried her there. This is how she sat enjoying the sunshine.”

“First time buying shoes in 6 years that weren’t for work. It has been a rough few years so this was a great day for me!”

This woman knits hats from January to December and brings a bag to a shelter every year.

“My wife wasn’t conscious to celebrate Thanksgiving in the ICU, but she was awake in time for her favorite holiday!”

“My ex-wife hid my daughter from me for nearly 2 years. After 696 days of separation, I took the best photo ever.”

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