20 Times When Reality Laughed At Your Expectations

Seller pics versus reviewer pics on Wish

“Be sure to always check the size when ordering treats!”

When daddy tries to do it:

“Traveled 2,874 miles to see the Cliffs of Moher…”

“My targeted Facebook ad purchase was a real let down.”

“Well, I tried.”

When you’re craving the new taco from Burger King:

Sponge Bob is not feeling well today.

“Expectation vs Reality, after a 6-month backorder from West Elm”

“Was pretty annoyed that I paid $110 for this.”

“These pancakes at my hotel this morning.”

“My husband ordered a mask for Halloween last year off of a Facebook ad, and this is what we ended up with.”

Almost the same…

“I expected at least some Oreos…”

When burritos turn out to be just tortilla:

“My wife ordered this Cactus Cat Scratcher and 2 months later she received just a bag of rope with no instructions, no wood, and not even a packing slip.”

When you buy a cheese pizza and you just get the bread:

The strawberries are non-existent.

Not a single broccoli head

The cookie of our nightmares

“Let’s just say I was pretty excited for my Genie face mask, until I put it on…”

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