20 Times When Things Got Bit Crazy

“My sister-in-law just sent me a viral video on Tik Tok of someone with the same air purifier, realizing the filter had never been taken out of the package. I checked mine.”

“This cat hair I found while cleaning an old keyboard”

“How my friend’s baby took its passport pictures”

“This spider on my rear camera scared me.”

“My legs after a 5-hour mountain bike ride”

“My yogurt got sealed twice.”

“This deformed sweet potato I found at work”

“I found this little snowman in a box of old Christmas decorations. Turns out it was a candy-holding present from 1933!”

“The way these trash bins are aligned makes their shadows look like a group of goons.”

“My pear this morning looks beat up.”

“This Japanese cup reveals a photo of a woman when you add liquid.”

“This sink faucet looks like the squirrel from Ice Age.”

“I found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul.”

“I randomly found an old building that matches a painting I have.”

“When I met my wife, we didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out that we have similar-looking birthmarks on our thighs.”

“A coworker of mine opened up a big square Duracell battery. Turns out it’s just 4 smaller batteries on a cardboard platform.”

“My bank sent me 64 copies of the same debit card.”

“A dog-walker friend realized she and the dog were wearing the same boots.”

“This is how much tape is used when painting one floor of a school.”

“I discovered today that some clothes dryers have button traps.”

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