20 Times When Vacation Became Unforgettable

“My hotel used to be a prison. My room is 3 cells, kind of knocked through. It’s amazing!”

“We stayed in a hotel by the water.”

“I accidentally wore 2 different shoes when I went on vacation. I realized it too late and they were the only shoes I had with me for a week.”

“How’s this TV in my hotel?”

“My hotel has a resident Siberian forest cat named Lilibet.”

“My wife and I spent our 10-year anniversary in Mexico. We waited 10 years for a vacation this nice.”

“My girlfriend and I stayed in a treehouse in Vermont last week that was pretty dope.”

“Paid extra for a tower room at our hotel and were told we’d get a nice view of the river.”

“Was going through my vacation pictures when I found this gem.”

“I was on vacation to relax, not to suffer!”

“This cabin I stayed in on vacation in Idyllwild”

“We finally made it to Mexico and this is the view I saw as I walked to our room!”

“I was at a fancy resort for dinner with my family and excused myself to use the restroom, when suddenly…”

“We booked a sea view room. We got it.”

“Stayed in a resort in Bali and this was our toilet. Balinese food must be spicier than I thought!”

“We came to a Chinese town. My friend told me he had chosen the best hotel possible. I’m shocked!”

“This Japanese hotel had clothes of different sizes. Every guest even got a pair of socks with frogs.”

“Check out this cat we saw on vacation.”

“It’s a fancy hotel. I know it’s fancy because instead of a wardrobe, there’s a giant, under-lit, floor-to-ceiling birdcage with clothes hangers inside.”

“An albino turtle I saw on my vacation in Sri Lanka”

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