20 Tunnel Fails That Didn’t Make The Cut

These amusing pictures show how things can go hilariously wrong when tunnel dimensions don’t quite match up to what’s passing through them.

In the Netherlands, two trucks got stuck on opposite sides of the same bridge at the same time.

Truck driver wedged in tunnel “ignored” height restriction signs.

Liverpool team bus gets stuck in tunnel below Champions League final stadium.

Truck stuck in tunnel closes part of Route 519 in Warren County.

Amazon driver somehow gets stuck inside golf cart tunnel.

Bus gets stuck inside a rock tunnel.

Nissan Armada gets stuck in drive-through Redwood tree.

Stuck in Orange County Ridge Route tunnel.

“I still don’t understand why this keeps happening, tunnel on Ridge Route in Lake Forest.”

“Best part about living in lake forest!”

Oversized truck stuck in Bankhead Tunnel.

Stuck truck stalls tunnel traffic on Hwy. 99 in downtown Seattle.

N. Main’s Train Avoidance Tunnel Briefly Plugged by Semi.

Bus driver forced to crawl out of window after wedging vehicle in tunnel.

Truck Stuck In Lincoln Tunnel Means Slow Escape From NYC.

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