20 Unique Things People Are Amazed About

“A Handful Of Miniature Ceramic Watermelephants I Have Been Working On Recently”

“Couple At Woodstock 48 Hours After They Met And 50 Years Later”

“Beautiful Tri-Colored Dalmatian”

“Bonsai Tree Sold For $16,000 In Japan”

“118 Year Old Dogwood”

“Just Found This Throwback Of When A Wild Falcon Decided To Come And Hang Out With Me For A While. Had No Idea This Thing Could Shred My Finger To Pieces At The Time”

“This Lady Made Her Own Giant Monopoly Quilt”

“I Love Iron Giant And Making Him Had Been A Lifelong Dream. I Finally Got To Do It!”

“A Few Of My Coolest Resin Paintings”

“These Watches Called Zalzach Were Initially Designed For Blind People… You Can Tell The Time By Touching The Two Magnets”

“Winter Magic In West Virginia”

“Dandelion Fluffs In Epoxy Resin”

“Finished My Koi And Ready To Clear Coat”

“Gharial Crocodile Father And His Babies”

“Hand Crocheted 3D Sheet”

“Lizard Holding Onto Woman’s Hair With Two Strong Lizard Claws”

“I Made My Cats A Piranha Plant Bed”

“Jack Black Signed My Cat”

“This Is An Emu Egg”

“The Two Fish Raised In The Office Are Kissing!”

“This Guy Made These All Out Of Wood. They Have Movable And Removable Parts. Zoom In N Look At The Work Put Into Them. The Combine Alone Took Him 260 Hours To Make”

“After 10 Years Of Addiction, Prisons, And Rehabs, I Got My First Car With Credit, My Own Place, And My Dream Job At 30 Years Old!”

“Someone At My School Drew This On A White Board”

“The Door Is Real, The Rest Is Graffiti”

“Gold Bridge In Vietnam”

“The Most Beautiful Animal I’ve Ever Seen. I Give You “Boogie” Resident Jaguar In The Tbilisi Zoo”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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