20+ Video Game Battles We’re Prepared to Give Our All For

1. Deadware, or “dead” games online should become open source for the hardcore fans and developers who still care, the game could just need a little outside creativity and could come back to life, and the developers of said extras deserve praise/ compensation. Star wars galaxies is a perfect example. -u/iisnotninja

2. Games companies should be doing more to preserve their old games. So much is lost when old games are locked to dead platforms. -u/UnarmedTwo

3. There are some game franchises that have possibly reached their pinnacle and really if devs want to add anything it’s DLC. This being in reference to Mario Kart 8 getting 48 tracks for DLC. I want Mk9 but I gotta admit this is basically an entire games batch worth of tracks for $25 -u/foreveralonesolo

4. Flash games were an extremely viable option for people who wanted short form gaming entertainment and only had a single internet connection. Not everyone could have a console or pay for games. -u/toebeansarecute

5. Despite their claims, not one of the people who said they did, has in fact, f*cked my mother. -u/Waffle-Azul

6. I don’t chase trophies, but stop forcing multiplayer trophies to get a platinum in a game -u/ArtyParty0848

7. If online multiplayer is subscription based, then I’m not purchasing a pass just to play it. And I very rarely buy DLC either. -u/Quit_social_media

8. -60%? Still too expensive. I’ll wait another year. -u/Bonhomme7h

9. More games need to have gray areas. The binary good vs evil is too boring. -u/Wilgrove

10. Gamers are unable to sustain a boycott -u/SkoolieNomad

11. Not every game needs multiplayer. Some of us want to enjoy our games alone and not be forced to socialize when we’re trying to relax. -u/thebirdbiologist

12. Not every game needs to be open world. -u/TheFergPunk

13. Playing on easy mode is not a character flaw. -u/GreenAppleLady

14. That violent games DO NOT make a kid violent. -u/Ok-Lengthiness4557

15. Gameplay > Graphics -u/relay2005

16. Game controllers need to come in different sizes, S, M L, etc. Or come with grip attachments to account for larger hands -u/gomidake

17. Devs should make the game they want, not the games fans want them to make. Fans have no idea what the f*ck they want and they’ll complain anyway, no matter what. Ignore them. -u/SergeantChic

18. We need more couch co-op! -u/TyrannoswolerusFlex

19. DLC and pay-to-win have ruined video games. I give you the money, you give me the whole game. That is how this works. -u/Party-Glass-3626

20. Triple A gaming is broken and gamers deserve part of the blame for it. -u/OtherAcctWasBanned11

21. Sonic was never about being fast. -u/RedWhiteAndBlackCrab

22. I like cell-shaded graphics such as when they were utilized in Windwaker, Sly Cooper, Pokemon Sword/Shield. Not everything has to be hyper-realistic to be beautiful. -u/InformallyGuavaCado

23. No one wanted Elder Scrolls Online, we only wanted co-op Skyrim. -u/justanothermcrfan

24. Everything related to Call of Duty since the release of MW19 has been awful. Warzone is bad, Cold War is mediocre, Vanguard is bad, recent updates to MW have broken the game, etc -u/SamsonShibaInu

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