20 Weird Looking Flight Safety Cards

Yep, That’s What Babies Look Like

Who Knew Willy Wonka Flies Airlines…

Looks Like That Kid Is Maturing A Bit Too Fast

This Flight Attendant Had It Up To Here With The Passengers

What Did Furby Do To Get Banned?

This Looks Like Taken Straight Out Of An IKEA Manual

She’s Just Angry Because There’s Gonna Be No In-Flight Movie

These Baby Proportions Are Spot On

I’m Sorry, But What Happaned To This Baby?

Willy Wonka Is Making A Cameo In One Of The Safety Cards

How Come The Passengers Are Naked?

The Designer Bothered To Illustrate An Adult, But Lacked Inspiration For The Kid

Apparently, Hilary Clinton Used To Be A Flight Attendant

“Remember To Stay Sad When Inflating Your Life Vest”

What’s Up With His Hands And Those Lines On His Pants?

At This Rate, The Kid Will Drown In His Own Vest Before He Does In Actual Water

Truly Romance Is Not Dead In This Flight Safety Card

There Are Cement Shoes And Then There’s Just Flat Out Tying People Up

The Inflation Tube Looks Like A Straw Used For Cocktails

This Suggestive Entry In A Fight Safety Card…


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