20 Weirdest Things Rich People Spend Their Money On

Roman Emperor Caligula fed his favorite horse oats mixed with gold flake.

Henry Cyril Paget was known for his love of costumes and he converted his family chapel into a theater so he could perform sensual dances.

Henry VII had a 15-foot tall fountain of wine built. Of course he drank from it.

The world’s most expensive poker set cost $7.1 million and features 18 carat white gold chips encrusted with diamonds and platinum-plated playing cards.

A piece of Martian rock that landed in Nigeria in 1962 sold on eBay for $450,000.

In 1913 a man rented a 4th floor dining room in New York City and brought 30 horses up the elevator so he and his guests could ride them while eating.

Marion Graves Anthony Fish was known for her lavish parties during the late 1800s where she would often invite people over to meet the Prince of Corsica, a pet monkey she put in a tuxedo and got drunk off champagne.

Da Hong Pal Tea is reportedly preserved from the Ming Dynasty and is worth $1,250,000 per kilogram and is so rare that it’s kept by Chinese government and usually only given as national gifts.

In the 1700s it was fashionable to house a hermit on your property. He wasn’t allowed to leave the property or interact with people.

The Sultan of Brunei once had his polo shoes flown from his palace in Brunei to a polo match in England. Just his shoes.

Imelda Marcos, wife of dictator Ferdinand Marcos of The Philippines owned 3,000 pairs of shoes.

Pablo Escobar kept hippos in his private zoo that later escaped, leading to a wild hippo population in Columbia today.

A lock of Elvis’s hair was bought at auction for $115,000.

Ida Wood lived in a hotel room that she never left for 24 years. When she emerged it was found she had stashed hundreds of thousands of dollars and jewels in the room.

Stonehenge was auctioned in 1915 and bought by a man named Cecil Chubb as a gift for his wife.

The wealthy used to rent pineapples as a display of said wealth. They would be rented to different parties until they were almost rotten when they’d finally be sold for eating.

The 5th Duke of Portland had miles of tunnels dug under his estate so he could travel without anyone, including his servants, knowing.

Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona sold for $17.8 million to an anonymous buyer.

In 2009 the Easley family bought the town of Albert, Texas for $883,000.

The most expensive coffee in the world is made from the beans found in the poop of a civet.

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