20 Women Who Are Not Shy Of Their Gray Hair

“Selfie Sunday that helps me accept myself”

“Started going gray at 13. Dyed my hair for 20 years and then I decided to stop!”

“I’ve always loved my natural grey streak, it been like this since I was 20… finally 17 years later I’m on trend!”

“Added some light pink to my silver recently. Curls are all-natural.”

“Salt and pepper shorties…”

“Gone gray…”

“Define aging gracefully and disgracefully.”

“Am I crazy to be excited about getting gray/silver hair?? They make me feel like magic.”

“Finally learning my hair’s love language and stopped dying it.”

“I started going gray around 5th grade and started to dye my hair black. I’m 30 now and I finally decided to just let it go! Added some red to the tips recently to spice it up a little.”

“I stopped dyeing my hair in July 2018 and this is the result. I’m only 26 in the first photo and I’m 36 in the second one. It’s a myth that gray hair makes you look older.”

“Now thanks to my gray hair I match my cat by color.”

“Letting my premature silver hair grow back out.”

“I’m 29 and have been going grey since 15, so I finally embraced it. Yesterday, for the first time in 2 years, I stepped into a salon and got my hair done, it’s highlighted with a toner put on.”

“Luckily for me, I am unlikely to need it highlighted regularly — will be one to 2 times a year due to my natural grey being so much. I am so happy to have my hair and it looks utterly amazing.”

“I think my gray hair makes me look quite distinguished, like an undercover superhero.”

“I have learned to really love my grey! Surprisingly, I grew up with ink-black hair! The white-grey is almost basically the opposite of what it was but at the same time, feels the closest to who I used to be.”

“Curl day! I love my greys!”

“27 years old and growing my grey hair out! Very pleased with the color and natural red highlights.”

“I started going grey at 11-12. I used to pull them out. Then I dyed my hair forever and now have finally convinced myself (at 32!) how awesome my premature grey is.”

“I let my silver take over.”

Bonus: “Gray hair looks good on men too.”

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