200 Surgeries And This Woman Is The Ultimate Real-Life Cartoon

Meet 29-year-old Pixee Fox. Since 2011, Fox has undergone an astounding 200+ surgeries in her quest of becoming a ‘living cartoon character.’

Her self-described obsession has led her all over the world, to countries such as India where she had her eye color permanently changed to an unnatural sea-green, and to South Korea where she had her jaw broken and reshaped — a procedure that risked leaving her permanently paralyzed.

In all, Fox has spent nearly $1 million on four breast augmentations, liposuction, butt lifts, lip augmentations, labioplasty, her nose and ears reshaped, an eyelash transplant using her pubic hairs and six ribs removed to help her attain a 16-inch-waist.

“After doing my first surgery I got hooked. For me, it was like going on an adventure and creating my body with my own imagination. It was so exciting and I just continued because I knew this was my way and what I was supposed to do. The surgeries have helped me over the years to love myself for the person I really am.”

According to Pixee “I used to be more of a tomboy. I used to be an electrician — I used to only do guy stuff — and now I’m transforming myself from a normal girl to a living cartoon.”

“I never really felt human, I always felt more like a pixie, like a fantasy creature. I am proud of what I have achieved. think it’s amazing. I have a new face, a new body. It’s a lot.

Just in the last year, I have been all over the world. I’ve been to Iran, I’ve been to India, I’ve been to Istanbul, I’ve been to Korea, I’ve been in Dubai, I’ve been in Sweden, I’ve been all around America.”

As of today, Fox plans on launching a children’s book series which will star her as a crime-fighting superhero.

“I am turning my life into a story where I am the superhero. It is fantasy and fiction but based on me as a person. I would not be a superhero like all the others, I will be one showing real-world struggles and you will see me in many different characters in the future.”

While doctors are becoming increasingly hesitant to perform more procedures on her, Fox mentions she has no plans of stopping.

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