21 Awesome Things You Don’t See Very Often

“Me demonstrating how big traffic signals actually are.”

“There were 3 pop tarts in this package instead of 2.”

“Mum boiled the purple potatoes with the corn. Now we have pink corn.”

“I found a ladybug with reversed colors in my room.”

“Local supermarket has an entire aisle devoted to beans.”

“This MTV keychain I’ve had since the 80’s.”

“Plumb undisturbed vs. shirt shined Plumb before I ate it.”

“My leggings matched the chair at the vacation rental.”

“The reflections make the barriers appear transparent.”

“The interior of the breathable mattress my infant son uses to prevent suffocation.”

“This huge aisle of coke, is the only soda option at my local supermarket.”

“Woodpecker ate bird seed from my hand.”

“I bowled at a vintage alley where actual people reset the pins and roll the bowling balls back. The scores are kept on glass and projected above.”

“The older gentleman that lives next door to me whittled this little pig.”

“Mom’s optometrist is wearing Pokémon socks.”

“Me and this uprooted tree. I’m 6’2″.”

“A spot where an MTA (from NY) worker stands when a train is about to come.”

“A random, big ice diamond by the road. My lighter for scale.”

“My snickers bar doesn’t have a vein.”

“Top of a parking garage in NYC.”

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