21 Celebs Long Before They Became Famous


Maisie Williams wasn’t always the hardcore Arya Stark.

Sean Bean, who played Father Ned Stark, was a rebellious young man once.

Neil Patrick Harris used to be the talented Doogie Howser, M.D. during his teen years.

Teens must’ve had a crush on the young Ryan Gosling.

Justin Timberlake is the cutest little boy in his mom’s embrace.

Diana Rigg in real life is just as stylish as Olenna Tyrell.

Anne Hathaway with braces has the cutest smile ever.

Robert De Niro was a serious little guy as a kid.

Charles Dance in Ali G Indahouse is nothing like Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones fans will probably be shocked to see Gwendoline Christie with long, fairy hair.

Christian Bale as an adult has the exact same expression as Christian Bale the youngster.

Kristian Nairn was once a Myspace addict but we love his Hodor-side.

Liam Cunningham has always been beside kings.

Jerome Flynn a.k.a. Bronn was an innocent little boy once.

Amy Schumer was winning hearts from an early age.

Lord Varys, a.k.a. Conleth Hill, hasn’t changed much since his role as Roache in 1992’s Blue Heaven.

Richard Madden looks nothing like Robb Stark as a teen.

King Joffrey is a huge puppy lover — well, Jack Gleeson is, actually.

Mark Addy went from the streets to King’s Landing and it shows.

Sarah Jessica Parker took the same pose even when she was photographed as a student.

We love Queen B. But since we’ve seen baby pictures of her, we love Beyoncé even more!


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