21 Funny Comparisons That Prove Humor Can Be Found in the Most Unexpected Places

Ready to take a laughter-filled stroll through the realm of hilarious comparisons?

“Before And After Of A Backyard I Cleaned Up Today”

“Reference Photo vs. Colored Pencil Drawing. My Latest Artwork”

“Not Possible To Get A Bigger Boost In Self Confidence”

“First Day Back At School Took Its Toll On This Little Girl”

“I’ve Been Feeding This Cat Named Feral Gerald. Just Discovered He’s Two Different Cats”

“The Difference In My Hands Before And After A 130-Pound Weight Loss”

“The Size Difference Between Brother And Sister Of The Same Litter”

“Look how big Malik is compared to his sister. I just don’t know if she’s really small or he’s really big, they’re only a couple of months old too. The size difference is crazy!”

“The Different Reflections From My Glasses”

“What My Cat Looks Like Normally vs. What She Looks Like Wet (Smoke Tortie)”

“My Husband Has Brown Eyes, I Have Blue. These Are Our Four Children’s Eyes”

“One Year Ago vs. Now”

“I’m Holding Him Close To Myself To Show That He Is Indeed Huge”

“This Egg From One Of Our Backyard Chickens That Looks Like Someone Gave It A Popcorn Ceiling Texture”

“My Local Hospital Has Examples Of When You May Need Urgent Care vs. An ER”

“The Difference Between My Brother’s And My Tans”

“My Mom Found A Lemon From Our Tree That’s Shaped Like A Carrot. Normal Lemon For Comparison”

“Me Looking Like 4 Different People On 4 Valid ID Cards Of Mine”

“The Difference Between A Phone And A True Camera”

“One Bench, Two Seasons. February vs. August 2023 In Åndalsnes, Norway”


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