21 Greatest Fatherhood Achievements

“My son was diagnosed with leukemia Jan 2018 at 2 years old. He just rang the bell to mark the end of chemotherapy treatment!”

“My daughter and I wore Air Force 1s to our first ever Daddy Daughter Dance.”

“I wonder why my computer stopped working.”

“The absolute best way to spend an hour or two.”

“Me and my daughter got our COVID vaccines today!”

“One week today!”

“Start em young, she’s gonna be as cool as her dad.”

“My beautiful baby was born today! My heart is so full .”

“Not even two years old yet, but look at that grip. Such a proud moment.”

“Studio assistant.”

“My new favorite picture. Holding my son as a freshly minted BJJ black belt.”

“Being a stay-at-home dad is such a joy and I am thankful I can do it despite my condition.”

“Daughter dressed me for work today. COVID ready.”

“Little man woke up not feeling good and threw up his morning. Time to rest up for a bit. I hate that he doesn’t feel good, but I LOVE these moments.”

“Our son turns 10 months today. His dads are proud of him! He’s walking and climbing and we can’t keep our eyes off him. We are tired. But it’s worth it.”

“Proud dad moment.”

“After 9 days in the NICU, I’m double dad. Well, make that triple dad now with 3 boys under 3. Endless thank yous to the amazing nurses at St. Charles Hospital in Bend, OR.”

“My daughter is training to be a stylist so I let her practice on me.”

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