21 People Prove That DIY Jewelry Can Be Awesome

“I did it! I’ve finally managed to make a pendant with a whole dandelion.”

“I had to pick dandelions carefully and spray them with hairspray to prevent them from losing their seeds. I put one plant into a spherical form, filled it with resin, and left it for a day. Then I polished the sphere, attached the accessories, and voila! This beautiful thing is done!”

“This is my favorite hobby. I beaded this brooch in one sitting. The leaf is all shiny and iridescent.”

“I made my own wedding band with meteorite and rose gold.”

“These earrings are made of polymer clay. My husband tried to crack one of these nuts, mistaking it for a real one.”

“I had a few leaves made of copper and brass, a fretsaw, a few hours, and a little bit of imagination. These pieces remind me of colorful bonbons.”

“Berry bracelets. Polymer clay.” — “They look so mouthwatering!”

“Earrings in the shape of bowls of Koi fish”

“I made this ring from a 1982 silver French coin.”

“I made a necklace of beads in the form of a snake.”

“I made a bracelet using woolly mammoth ivory and epoxy resin.”

“I made some fall-themed embroidery necklaces!”

“I made beaded “pomegranate” brooches. What do you think?”

“My first fox with eyes.”

“I’m coming up on 3 years of wire wrapping. Here’s my first piece and my latest piece.”

“I made a feather ring with malachite.”

“I’ll show you what I do when I want to relax. It’s not exactly a man’s hobby — I entwine beads. This is what I created for my wife.”

“This is a 3-stone labradorite necklace that I made.”

“I know that I won’t surprise anyone with berries and flowers. So, here are buckets with caviar. From Russia with love.”

“I wanted to prolong this beautiful autumn a little bit. So I made a comb with carnelian.”

“I saved $50 for a resin ring and made one myself.”

“Which one is more beautiful: gray and pink or turquoise and blue?”

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