21 People Share Their Favorite Things About the United States

“Free refills on drinks at restaurants!”

“The Americans with Disabilities Act.

I didn’t realize how much reserved parking spots by the door, wide sidewalks that must be clean, handicapped bathrooms, and ramps at the entrance were important until my brother became wheelchair-bound.”

“Canadian here, I love the US, and the chief reason is sport. Baseball is amazing!”

“We are HUGE! You can go on pretty much any kind of a vacation you want without leaving the country: beach, mountains, desert, snow, high culture, big city, small rural town, sports, music. The only limit is your time and your budget!”

“From a European who has lived in America for 5 years, the people are an in general a lot friendly than us in Europe.

Also, it must be respected that America, factually is the largest free country on earth. (Most) European countries may it better, but for a single country of 330 million, it is unprecedented.”

“Space Program.”

“Dolly Parton, obviously.”

“I live in Seattle and I love that you can find any kind of food from anywhere in the world if you look hard enough.

I’ve traveled all over the US and each city has its own food history since everyone’s families originally (99%) came from somewhere else.”

“You can drive a coupe of states over and everything is different.”

“You go to a restaurant, and they just give you a gigantic glass of ice water for free.”

“We strive for improvement, each generation to the next. Some of us don’t understand this, but it’s a beautiful thing.”

“Free public restrooms.”

“Innovation … Nearly every major invention of the past couple hundred years, and as much as we’re made fun of for being dumb, we still have some of the smartest in the world as well.”

“We make some of the world’s best hot-smoked meats, namely central-Texas brisket, Carolinas smoked pork and everything inbetween.

I’ve traveled around much of the world and eaten everywhere, our smoked brisket is in a league of its own.”

“Soooo many breakfast cereals to choose from.”

“The Smithsonian Institution. It’s 20+ museums (and a zoo), all for free, in Washington DC/NYC/VA, run by the government. I just think it’s neat.”

“There’s red tape & BS, but you still can work in any industry you want in the US.

You can also switch career paths and start over at any time.”

“US has 63 National Parks and thousands of State Parks. They preserve some of America’s most beautiful places.”


Sometimes it blows my mind that a place like Florida could be in the same country as a place like Alaska.”

“I am a naturalized US citizen, have been living here for 12 years now and I am still in awe and disbelief on how amazing public libraries are here.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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