21 People Who Had A Very Bad Day

“Spent days trying to acquire this chair and it won’t fit in the room.”

“Went out to get groceries and now all my frozen items are melting and I’m locked out.”

“Is this about where a catalytic converter would be?”

“The legroom for my 13 hour flight.”


“The people we hired to extend our patio and patio cover left a hole in the roof when they went home for the day. Then it rained.”

“New car stereo autoplays last played media on my phone.”

“Bought a giant realistic cat mask off Amazon to try to scare my cat with and they sent me a fucking lemon mask..”

“My supervisor is out on vacation and I’m walking their dog while their gone. Walked in to find this. She looks so proud of her work.”

“Took my kids swimming and came home with a grand total of 65 mosquito bites. My kids had 2 between the three of them.”

“Fell off the top of my car while going 50mph on a turn.”

“Someone left a grill on during the NE vs MIA game. This is the damage.”

“Tried to support the local scouts by buying popcorn for $15. I thought I was getting one of those tins and they handed me this.”

“This “blueberry” muffin I ordered.”

“My bus driver said we were early, so he stopped the bus and walked away to get a coffee. Now the bus won’t start.”

“Key broke off in the liquor cabinet when I was trying to open it and we have a 500 person event with a full bar in 5 hours. And it’s Sunday.”

“Central Michigan University sent out stickers “for your keyboard”

“After 2 days of cookin’ beans, the pot explodes the night we were to feast on them.”

“Buddy came back from vacation and realized he was missing a headphone so he checked it’s location and..”

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