21 People With Different Appearance

“My iris has rings in it.”

The Ivanishvili brothers have a rare feature.

“I’m often very self-conscious if I don’t wear makeup to cover my freckles, but recently someone told me it was ‘nature’s glitter’ which really boosted my confidence.”

“I’ve always hidden it, but now I want to share my birthmark in the center of my forehead with you.”

Yulianna Yussef’s body is covered with moles. She could be ashamed of them and try to hide them but she chose a different path — she became a famous model.

“Postaxial polydactyly”

“My buddy’s off-centered pupil”

“My friend’s newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother.”

“Got this after a bike accident a few years back.”

“My daughter’s amazing birthmark”

Super-rare uncombable hair syndrome

“I think you’ll like my eye.”

“I’m the father of a unique baby. My daughter has UHS (uncombable hair syndrome). This is what it looks like.”

They are little, but already unique.

With or without the birthmark, she is very beautiful.

This baby has a full head of grey hair.

Freckles make this girl look stunning.

A rare pattern

The mesmerizing beauty of Sam Kobelyan

“34 with big ears. Let me hear the same old jokes I have heard my whole life…”

These are not dreadlocks, this is natural hair of these twins.

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