21 Photos Full Of Awesomeness

“I have been keeping a collection of the tiny balls in pen ink cartridges since middle school.”

“$55,000 Gatling gun.”

“My chickens greeting me when I come home from work.”

“There was a pink Tesla in my parking lot this morning.”

“Mcdonald’s in the netherlands now serve drinks with a cardboard lid instead of a plastic lid.”

“The sky in Murcia, Spain, turned orange because of dust from the Sahara.”

“I’m a bartender and I found this shaker no one told me about that gives about 10 cocktail recipes when you twist.”

“These damaged phones on display next to a rollercoaster.”

“This weird egg my chicken laid.”

“My wife saw this tree growing entirely on a wall.”

“My Venus Flytrap is flowering.”

“This pan matches my sink.”

“One of our cups came printed inside out.”

“This huge, ancient ergonomic mouse I found at my parent’s in law. Normal mouse for scale.”

“This ikea plant that looks like a creature.”

“My flight had a window in the washroom.”

“Found Diehard in a grocery store today.”

“A duckling that hatched 12 hours ago.”

“These crisps tell you the name of the person who made them.”

“All colors that the trim in my 100 year old house have been painted.”

“A dedicated bench for Jim, some miles into a hiking trail.”

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