21 Photos Prove That Creative People Still Exist

“Bakers having fun with the gingerbread cookies”

“My parents’ cats have been killing too many birds in the backyard. Solution #1…”

“Someone wore this on the non-uniform day at my school.”

“Master of improvisation”

“Knitted hats for the postboxes appearing in my area.”

“My local train station’s nativity scene”

“The desk was too low, so I made use of some old Duplo blocks.”

“A little soccer goal and ball in this urinal…”

“My dad’s solution to mounting a shelf”

“My brother and I changed the backgrounds of every single iPhone/iPad in an Apple store.”

“I drew this little girl as an anime character because I was touched by how much her parents love their daughter!”

“My niece just made everyone friends and said, ’No fighting!’ I can’t stop laughing.”

“A friend told me that my way of eating pizza is genius, slicing off the edges and then rolling it up.”

“First-year university creative chemistry assignment!”

“They found a new family hobby.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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