21 Photos Prove That Practice Leads To Perfection

“If you don’t give up, progress is inevitable.”

“I made a lamp from a wasp nest.”

“The entire process of work can be found here .”

“This was my first big piece. And I love it! It’s perfect for my office wall. And now everyone in my Zoom meetings gets to see it too!”

“I made this necklace for a mom using her 5-year-old’s artwork.”

“I’ve been trying to make resin cicadas and here’s my first successful one.”

“I love the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and I created a sweater based on his paintings.”

“40 hours and a whole lot of cotton thread later, my crow is finally complete! It ended up looking a bit more like a raven, but this was by far the hardest embroidery I’ve ever done, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.”

“I made this Niffler jewelry stand to look after my jewelry when I’m too lazy to get up and return it to my box in the middle of the night.”

“I made soap in the shape of a strawberry cake.”

“My dad has a sweet tooth. Years ago my aunt gave me these beautiful mini cake soaps, just the cutest thing ever. He thought they were little treats, and took a bite out of one.” © papikota / Reddit

“I had some bad luck recently which resulted in me ending up back at my parent’s house. I didn’t have much room for plants so I decided to get creative!”

“I think I’ve found a new favorite hobby!”

“I embroidered these sardines.”

“Holy mackerel! That’s beautiful!” © BenkiYT / Reddit

“I knit my wedding dress from cheap yarn to make a mock-up of my actual wedding dress. It turned out better than expected and I didn’t want to knit it again so I just ran with it!”

“Green tulip handmade gourd lamp”

“I made a corn cob soap with 100% corn oil.”

“This Studio Ghibli embroidery of mine has been rattling around the internet for a few months.”

“I’m very proud of my blackberry lemon tart.”

“I thought this was a painting at first. Beautiful!” © oligarchyreps / Reddit

“Tangerine stud earrings made of polymer clay”

“My first time cross stitching on clothing. My boyfriend’s ’it’s too nice to wear’ response is making me look like this cat.”

“I made this lingerie set recently. It fits like a glove.”

“Can I buy one for my wife?” © HughJahzz / Reddit

“My biggest and most favorite project ever. My mom and I knitted flowers for the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets for my wedding.”

“My cockatiel is ready for take-off!”

“This is gorgeous! I thought it was real for a second as I was scrolling!” © JessicaTrev / Reddit

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