21 Products for a Yard You’ll Adore

Fall in love with your yard all over again with these must-have items that blend practicality with aesthetic charm.

hanging hammock chair because I can’t image a better HANGout spot than a cozy, swinging cocoon.

A three-piece wicker chair and table set for creating an outdoor lounge space so stylish you’re indoor furniture might start to get jealous.

A set of solar-powered jar lid lights that’ll screw on to any old mason jar, instantly transforming it into a hangable, string light-filled lantern that’ll soak up sun during the day so it can glow for you at night.

An outdoor inflatable ottoman if the only thing missing from your perfect patio experience is a designated place to put up your feet. It can also double as additional seating, since these surprisingly strong ottomans can support up to 300 pounds.

A multipurpose patio cooler cosplaying as a side table or ottoman so you can keep the cold ones coming without constant trips to the kitchen.

A portable inflatable air sofa because lounging outside is great, but laying on the hard ground is less great. Set up is a breeze — literally — just whisk it through the air a couple times, snap the opening shut, and you’re ready for some backyard R&R.

A pair of reclining zero gravity lounge chairs for anyone whose butt has been personally victimized by regular folding chairs one too many times. These ones use bungee tech to reduce pressure on your body so can kick back comfortably for hours.

A printed outdoor area rug that’ll cozy up your outdoor oasis without being a pain to maintain and clean. It’s durable and fast-drying so you can just rinse it with a garden hose!

 A mesh raised dog bed because your hot dawg needs a place to cool off when the family is lounging around outside.

 A three-piece wicker rocking chair and table set with thick bottom and back cushions for comfortably rocking the hours away with a good book and a good drink in the great outdoors.

A hadncrafted raised barrel planter made from reclaimed wine barrels that’ll incite almost as many compliments as your obviously flourishing flower garden.

Plus, a handmade bamboo bee house to encourage our planet’s pollinators to set up shop in your yard and naturally fertilize your flowerbed.

An outdoor movie set including a 100-inch screen and a mini projector if it physically pains you to stay inside when the weather is nice. This projector is compatible with an array of streaming devices like your laptop, Fire TV Stick, and Roku so you can start binge-watching shows in your backyard.

A classic adjustable folding umbrella so you have a shady space to escape the sweltering heat and enjoy the outdoors while staying (relatively) sweat and sun burn-free.

Or an adjustable offset umbrella with a waterproof and UV-resistant 10-foot canopy to get even the most sun-soaked sections of your yard extra shady.

 A pair of weather-resistant adjustable chaise recliners because why own a pool if you can’t lounge by it with a drink in hand?

A whimsical pineapple torch with an integrated leaf snuffer for adding ~firery~ flair to your yard that a certain undersea sponge would very much approve of.

A three-seater glider porch swing with a big ‘ole canopy if you miss your childhood swingset and are looking for an “adult” version to spend your very grownup paycheck on.

 Connectable Edison bulb string lights so you can make your backyard look like a trendy beer garden and leave passersby wondering how they can get a reservation.

 A 9-foot double-canvas hammock with a sturdy steel stand for quickly solving the “no tree” issue that has long kept you from fulfilling your hanging cocoon dreams. This one has a 450-pound weight limit and plenty of room for multiple people — time to get cozy!

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