21 Weird And Wonderful Things

“My Micro Machines bus with the original battery from 1990 still lights up.”

“I ran out of gas and got stuck in the Windows screensaver.”

“I found a five leaf clover when I was 7 years old and I still have it today (I’m 36)”

“The camera in the ER looks like a surprised panda.”

“My friend’s toaster is so old, it was made in West Germany.”

“My cats sitting in front of the portrait we had made of them.”

“I Built the ~$800 Lego Millennium Falcon Set Out Of Parts I Already Had”

“My husband got tipped with a $10 coin at work tonight.”

“My daughter made a wallet chain out of can tabs!!!”

“Reusable McDonald’s containers in Paris.”

“My new job installed trim on all the bathroom stalls to cover the gap.”

“I bought a can of regular beer.”

“This dead branch looks like a Lion.”

“A spider came back to molt in the same place on a book 4 times.”

“The squeaker from inside her dog toy has declared her the winner!”

“I made this Stranger Things Light box from 11 layers of white paper.”

“My cauliflower looks like an atomic mushroom cloud.”

“Found all of this inside an armchair I bought today.”

“Ordered a new knife they give you two Band-Aids with it.”

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