22 Awesome Photos

“I saw some ants carrying a glove up a lamp…”

“I inherited an airline beverage cart.”

“My neighbor bought a lot of walnuts.”

“Pulled the card quickly to her face right as I took a photo resulting in capturing both.”

“Caught a shiny lobster.”

“The benches at my local library are books.”

“This jack o lantern with mold growing from inside.”

“A guy in front of me was eating a whole sweet potato pie at the theatres.”

“This shadow looks like a person.”

“My neighbor has a big inflatable thing to protect his car from hail.”

“Man wearing shoe protectors over work shoes on metro.”

“We caught a critically endangered sunflower sea star in our crab trap (Orcas Island, WA)”

“A group of black cats out in the wild.”

“A Pizza Hut next to what use to be a Pizza Hut.”

“My friend was cleaning out her grandmas belongings and found this old school cocaine kit from the 70s.”

“This balloon from 1994 still has air in certain parts.”

“These large pumpkins I saw on the freeway.”

“Old cars becoming the river bank.”

“5 day old hedgehogs.”

“This 4 liter jug of Japanese whiskey.”

“The impressions a frog made on my truck this morning.”

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