22 Cool Photos Full Of Awesomeness

“This AC cover causes optical illusion.”

“This broken flamingo umbrella lost its beak and turned into a shocked fish.”

“The excessive wax on this bottle of Makers.”

“These airplane trails crossing in the same spot.”

“This apple looks like a massive cherry!”

“This tomato that looks like 6 small tomatoes infused as one.”

“I found a bug adorned with gold markings.”

“There’s outline of my house on my neighbor’s roof where the sun’s rays are blocked this morning.”

“This restaurant’s bathroom had a piano in it.”

“72 Carat Tourmaline.”

“I saw my door in a book.”

“The fine and rare Macallan menu at the steakhouse my wife and I are visiting for pre-Valentine’s Day.”

“This ham fit exactly on my bread.”

“At Fenway Park in Boston there is a lone red seat to signify the longest home run ever hit there.”

“I bought pepper pregnant with triplets.”

“My Dad found apples in tomato boxes labeled as blueberries”

“Different varieties of eggplant for sale.”

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