22 People Who Had A Really Bad Day



“Was happily munching away on the broccoli a family member cooked for dinner. Grabbed my second piece and saw it riddled with bugs. This is after I tried to rinse out the rest 🙁 I gave up and lost my appetite.”

“You should make sure you tattoo artist is sober before getting a tattoo.”

“Put too ripe bananas on the hook and they peeled themselves.”

“Visited St. Louis for the first time and was told I had to see the famous Gateway Arch..”

“Bought the nicest car I’ve ever had two days ago. Just found this.”

“Got my lunch stolen.”

“New Roomate just moved in and are already using my favorite mug as a lard cup.”

“Just bought a Zelda Game & Watch and put it in my back pocket.”

“My vanity finally arrived, 17 days late. I didn’t realize some assembly was required.”

“Several weeks of saving up, hours of research on budget and specs.. and the new 65″ TV arrived damaged.”

“My doorknob fell off.”

“Got a call that said the field trip was running late due to a “bus malfunction”. This was not what I was expecting.”

“I was boilling the egg but i forgot to turn off the stove.”

“Lowes delivered our new BBQ today!”


“Shirt decided to tear itself open at the start of my night out.”

“Paid a local friend to patch broken concrete. This is the end result.”

“Someone stole $12 worth of lug nuts from my friend’s Mustang.”

“Getting into my car after a 12 hour shift.”

“Before bed, right after I’d cleaned up and had a shower, this overpriced chocolate powder exploded upon opening.”

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